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Here at Gippsland Gourmet Pies, we pride ourselves on making our pies with the very best ingredients, starting with the most important: the meat!
When not using our own grazed Organic Beef, straight from our farm, we buy our Premium Beef fresh from local butchers or from our friends at Tarago Valley Organics, who are situated in Longwarry North.
Our Premium Angus Beef Mince is supplied by Gippsland Pure.
All of our other meat is sourced locally from Gippsland.


The fruits and vegetables that go into our pies are all fresh or
fresh-frozen. We use as much local produce as possible from various farmers markets and fruiterers from Gippsland and Melbourne.

Our pies are baked locally in Nambrok, Victoria and are delivered fresh, or freshly-frozen, in our Prime Safe mobile cool room.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Vegetarian Ratatouille Pie cooking
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